Development Sandboxes Complete with Data


Change sets, scripts, and DataLoader are now a thing of the past. sfApex has developed a complete solution for populating data between Production and Sandboxes. Select a sample set of data along with necessary relational data to migrate between Salesforce orgs and let the application do the rest. Developers can now access Dev and DevPro sandboxes loaded with necessary data to produce quality code in less time.



Streamline testing by quickly and easily migrating data and metadata into testing environments


Reduce coding errors by selecting specific cross sections of data to provide more accurate testing

No More Excel

Eliminate the manual process of Excel and scripts. Reduce developers non-programming activities

Use Cases

Develop with Sandboxes

Populate Dev and DevPro sandboxes giving your developer the space and freedom to code and test independently

Training Sandbox

Give end-users a dedicated place to learn new features of your Salesforce instance without impacting Production

Org Split/Merge

Easily migrate subsets of data and metadata into another Salesforce org. Automate the process for production deployment

Support Help

Provide a sandbox to diagnose support issues quickly and efficiently without stepping impacting project related development

Data Backups

Reduce risk of data loss and accidental data deletion with backup/restore functionality. Protect sensitive information by scrambling data in sandboxes

Proof of Concept

Offer sandboxes to developers to create and test new ideas and apps to improve your company’s Salesforce experience