Protect your information from exterior data loss or interior user error. Through sfApex you can schedule full and incremental backups of Salesforce data and metadata.

  • Use queries to define backup data sets, include individual records and their related records
  • Backup specific metadata components, files, or all metadata
  • Backup data to an encrypted zip file to be stored on your computer, networks, or cloud storage
  • Built-in fault tolerance to ensure all data is backed up
  • Automatically sends out notification emails upon completion
  • Maintains logs for each backup operation


When it comes to data loss, time is too precious to wait for a third-party company to restore your data. sfApex gives you the capabilities to restore data & metadata on demand.

  • Select individual and related records or restore all data & metadata
  • Leverages core data copy engine to quickly restore data into Salesforce
  • Optionally use all other feature like Data Translation and Transfer Events when restoring


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Don’t limit yourself to only restoring data to your last data backup. sfApex gives you the opportunity to rollback data & metadata to any scheduled backup

  • Rollback individual and related records or rollback all data & metadata
  • Visually compare original values versus deleted/modified/created records
  • Quickly revert sandboxes to clean state