Data Selection

Migrate specific subset of data into your sandboxes to produce accurate and positive testing. sfApex provides multiple avenues to select the necessary data to ensure the required records are copied.

  • Easily copy all records or a subset of specific records
  • Specify WHERE clauses to zero-in on certain records
  • Prevent duplicate data by using External ID fields
  • Randomly select records from an object
  • Use queries to select a small subset from large objects
  • Powerful data grid assists to filter, sort, and group records
  • Select data using CSV files containing IDs of records
  • Save data selection for re-use later on the same or different sandbox

Data Relationships

The hardest part of manually copying data is to maintain data relationships in the sandbox. Writing Excel scripts is time consuming and susceptible to user error. sfApex automatically maintains parent and child relationships during the data copy

  • Include or exclude related child records throughout object/record hierarchy
  • Detects and handles circular references
  • Graphically display relationships between objects
  • Select specific child objects to include in data copy
  • Automatically includes related parent records to prevent orphan records
  • Determines the correct order to create records based on field/object/record dependencies

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Data Copy

There is no amount of data to large or Salesforce org too complex for sfApex. The application has successfully copied data in some of the largest Salesforce org and spanned many industries.

  • Utilize up to 10 simultaneous connections to Salesforce to quickly pump data into Salesforce
  • Automatically disable and re-enable metadata before and after data copy to ensure smooth copy process
  • View data copy progress in real-time
  • Schedule data copies to keep you sandboxes up-to-date

Data Security

We understand that data is a valuable commodity to your business. sfApex holds itself to the highest standards in regards to data security.

  • Data only travels between your network and Salesforce
  • Data and credentials never pass through any third-party server
  • User will not be able to change data or metadata in source org
  • Protect sensitive data by applying data masks or scrambling data
  • Uses TLS 1.2 inline with Salesforce security protocols
  • Uses Salesforce SOAP, metadata, APEX, and Tooling API standards
  • Works natively with Salesforce’s platform Encryption
  • Supports networks with Proxy Servers

Fully Supported

Data can be transferred from Production to sandbox, sandbox to sandbox, sandbox to Production, and even Production to Production. sfApex can copy any and all objects inside of Salesforce, even third party apps.

  • Connect to unlimited number of Production/Full/Partial/DevPro/Dev orgs
  • Supports all data inside Salesforce
  • Supports special Salesforce objects including:
    • Knowledge Articles
    • Large Attachments
    • Pricebooks/Products
    • Users
    • History
    • Person Accounts
    • Contract Management
    • Chatter Feeds
    • Activities (Tasks & Events)
    • Custom Settings
    • Non-editable Fields and Objects
    • Audit Fields (Created By, Last Modified Date, etc)