Yes we do. Please contact us to schedule a demo of the application’s feature and benefits over a WebEx.
Please contact us to discuss this option based on your specific use case.
No, currently this is a MS Windows based application. Most Mac users will use a virtual desktop environment (i.e. Parallels, VM, etc) to host the application.
Depends on how much data you are copying. For anything less than 1GB, you can use any modern day computer (i.e. 2Ghz dual core, 512MB, 5GB free space). For larger data loads, you may want to increase the specs (specifically memory).
Yes. One license covers all of the developers and users in your company. You can all install the application and use it simultaneously.
Yes. You can use the scheduler to copy data and metadata automatically into a Sandbox. We recommend using the Query based approach to select your data set in the application.
Yes. We offer onsite, offsite and web training. Please contact us for additional details.
Yes. We offer support based on the maintenance/support agreement selected when purchasing then application. We can offer 24×7 and 8×5 support and SLA’s as early as 4 hours.