Migrate Code

sfApex can effortlessly migrate lines of code, files, and folders from one Salesforce org to another allowing the user to keep development orgs in sync or move changes through the release management process.

  • Quickly select individual metadata components or files of interest
  • Automatically groups depend metadata (i.e. Profiles & Custom Objects) to get all metadata code
  • View metadata dependencies and include in deployment
  • Validate and deploy metadata directly through the app
  • Exclude Managed Metadata
  • Load metadata from a zip file
  • Migrate metadata into other Production orgs (org split/merge) and automatically deploy multiple deployment packages in a specific order




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Compare Org

It is beneficial to know what configurations exist when planning to migrate metadata. sfApex allows users compare metadata between orgs to discover similarities and difference between individual lines of code, files, and folders.

  • Easily compare metadata between orgs or between a zip file and an org
  • Select only different metadata files for deployment
  • Code comparison window to quickly merge metadata files between orgs
  • Compare your developer org with Production to find all metadata that was touched during a project for easy deployments